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Tarot cards

The origin of Tarot Cards is pretty unclear, there are plenty of theories in regards to this, but what has been proven is that they date back to the XIV century at least. On the Tarot Cards symbols influences from Greek rites, Gnocticism, Neoplatonism, Jewish cabal, Hermeticism, Cathar studies, ancient Arab and Indian philosophies can be seen. Its main use is for Fortune Telling. Nowadays, a Tarot Cards deck consist of 78 cards divided in two: Minor and Major Arcana. Arcana comes from the Latin “Arcanum” which means “mystery or secret”. There are 56 Minor Arcana Tarot Cards broken into four suits, each one numbered from Ace to ten, plus the four court characters, and 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards numbered from 0 to 21, even though not everyone includes the Fool (0) on the deck. When a Fortune Teller is reading the Tarot Cards, they will first analyze the meaning of each card and then all together, creating the perfect interpretation for a particular context and situation. There are many types of Tarot Cards decks, such as the Egyptian Tarot, Astrological Tarot, Gypsy Tarot, Angelical Tarot, and so on. The Arcana of the Tarot Cards have been used for self-knowledge and spiritual ascension, either through meditation or through the study of its messages. This was the origin of Tarot itself. And since Medieval Times, Tarot Cards have been the most popular tool for Fortune Telling. Every Tarot Card reading must be done within a proper environment, a calm place and with a relaxed mind, there are different ways to spread the cards and it may vary according to the psychic’s style or the answer they are looking for. Call me at: 0044 20 3499 0358